Drug Offences

Coates Davey Solicitors are criminal lawyers with experience in drug offending.

Our experienced team can assist on a wide range of drug offences no matter the scale, including offences of:


    • Drug possession for personal use
    • Drug possession for commercial use
    • Supplying dangerous drugs
    • Trafficking in dangerous drugs 
    • Producing dangerous drugs
    • Possessing drug related utensils and item

We can assist persons charged with drug offences in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Court.

Queensland takes a tough stance on drug offending with some maximum penalties for drug offences to be 25 years imprisonment.  For that reason, it is imperative to engage legal representation at an early stage.  Penalties for drug sentences differ entirely, from good behaviour bonds, fines, probation, to lengthy periods of imprisonment.  The sentencing options open to the Court to impose differ between each matter and depend on the individual circumstances of the case, along with other considerations. 

We offer a non-judgemental approach and understand the extenuating circumstances that can land accused persons in trouble with the law.  We pride ourselves in working with our clients, and other professionals such as barristers and medical professionals to achieve the best possible results. 

We also take care and consideration in scrutinising the evidence of the prosecution.  In recent years the investigation of drug offending by police involved such methods as telephone intercepts and other protracted surveillance methods.  An experienced criminal lawyer can assist you in understanding the charges, understanding the evidence, and understanding your options moving forward. 

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